Visual Designer + Art Director
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UI Design


Old Navy’s Baby Spring Campaign

Below is the UI for both desktop and mobile that I designed for Old Navy’s Baby division for Spring 2018. The layout was used to ensure responsiveness for mobile so it can easily stack. The colors and the design elements used were all aligned to Old Navy’s seasonal look and branding style. Prior to design, I also had the opportunity to work directly with marketers, stylists, and photo producers to plan into the photoshoot, ensuring images will align with the wireframes before initial design.


Old Navy’s Toddler Winter Campaign

Similar to the Baby’s UI design above, this was designed for Winter 2017 Toddler Campaign. The time period was pre-Christmas; hence the colors and design elements used were carefully chosen to signify winter and the start of holiday season. Prompting consumers to stock up on winter gear. The UI layout was wireframed prior to design, ensuring responsiveness to mobile since most of our consumers shop on their phones. The imagery and the CTAs would easily stack. The color black used for CTA buttons was used to bring direct attention for the user to click faster. The color red was used in the banner offer to create a sense of urgency to participate in the Holiday Deal provided by Old Navy.


Old Navy’s Kid Summer Campaign

This was UI designed for Kid’s Summer Campaign. This campaign was a bit more playful compared to others using many more fun design elements, summer colors, and playful expressions from the children in the photoshoot. We wanted to drive urgency to this summer sale by using the color yellow to drive urgency and design marks like exclamations and stripes near the headlines. The UI layout was kept in a simple stack style to make responsiveness easier for mobile. More products were used in this UI to show abundance’s in products for sale at Old Navy.