UX Design for Mobile E-commerce

I worked directly with the engineering team to collect data on what the user’s behavior was when it came to shopping on Azaleasf.com’s website. We discussed about everything pertaining to this topic starting with questions like “would it make sense to add a banner at the top to drive more product interest or eliminate a banner completely so the user can just see the products for sale immediately when they enter the catalog page?” to other questions like “how do the users shop when the number of the products on the page is limited to a certain amount compared to a page with all of the products listed at once?”. I used all of the data that was collected to create a more seamless and user friendly shopping experience on mobile. I kept the design super clean and simple, making it easy for the user to navigate around. Below are the test designs for mobile and desktop.


Mobile Version


Desktop Version

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 12.43.40 AM.png