Visual Designer + Art Director
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Environmental Design

Store Design for Old Navy


Store Design for Old Navy

In Fall 2018, I completed an environmental design project for Old Navy. It involved selecting top quality photographs and designing graphic patterns for the walls, escalators, windows, columns, elevator, and in-store banners. This was executed for all of Old Navy’s flagship stores in the world.

The first step was concepting into the design using Old Navy’s seasonal design toolkit for the fall season. I designed over 15 different looks before narrowing it down to one specific style. This process involved collaborating with a team of Art Directors, Marketers, Copywriter, Print Designers, and the Executives.

After, I worked with the Photo Art Directors at the photoshoots to help select the best photography that would suit my designs.

Through a month of heavy collaboration in design and photography, the work was sent to the print team for final execution. Below showcases the start and end of this project.