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Azalea is a San Francisco-based men’s and women’s streetwear retail company who’s been in business for over 10 years. They have a well established target audience and a decent loyal customer base. Azalea understood the products they were offering and they also understood who their customers were. However, Azalea was challenged in ways where the current brand identity was not solidified and it didn’t align with the target customer’s style or even with their own product. Creative direction was needed to help interpret the brand to make it more relatable to both the customer and the company itself.



Azalea’s logo is Typograph Pro Extra Bold. Azalea needed to represent youthful, bold, care-free mood in their brand because that’s what their customers and their products are all about. The primary logo with the transparent background was to be used for all in-store print packaging assets and majority of digital assets. The logo with black background would be used for mainly print assets that had stronger photography background.


Primary Colors

Secondary Colors


We wanted the brand to have a playful feel through the use of pastel-like colors and shapes while keeping the mood of the brand cool and bold and this part is shown through the typography and photography. Overall, we wanted the customer to look at the brand and be able to identify the mood in which they can relate their style to. That is youthful, bold, playful, and cool.


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