Diana Tran. DIGITAL Artist. World Traveler.

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I’m originally from Oakland, CA. Currently residing in San Francisco, land of the techies, free spirited, and innovative individuals!

My creative background first started when my parents taught me how to draw a picture of a woman. Since then, my love for figurative drawing grew tremendously. Fine art was my first step into the creative atmosphere and also an escape from reality into the imaginative world, my eventual bridge into digital media.

When college came around, I met a close friend named Edward Baraona. He’s Jewish and El Salvadorean with a German background. Around that time, he decided to join a film program to document his family tree starting in Israel.  His film was submitted to the Jewish Film Festival and was gracefully accepted. He was offered a screening and a question and answer session with the audience. I was part of the audience. I attentively watched everything that unfold and this is when I became very curious about filmmaking. His documentary showed a different side of him. A side that was buried deep in his soul and took courage to dig it out and share it with the world.  This was what fascinated me most. Out of curiosity, I took some digital media classes in my last two years of college and created my first several stop motion films using my illustration skills and extraordinary power to “not sleep”. Out of my professors encouragement, one of my experimental films was submitted to “BRIEF ETERNITY: BAY AREA STUDENT FILM FESTIVAL 2009″. I also had a screening and question and answer session with the audience. Although, I missed the question and answer session out of pure shyness, it was still a powerful experience to share my work with others.  From there, I continued to work as a Videographer and Photographer. My goal is to be able to share my work with the world in hopes that it will bring positive change.